Thursday, May 27, 2010

"This is going on my Blog."

"Did you see her pink laptop? And the perfumed CV?"
"Don't talk like that about her, okay? And it wasn't pink. It was orange."
"Big difference."
"That shouldn't be on your mind right now. I'm leaving and you don't seem bothered at all."
"I do believe I sent you a muah."
"I didn't get it."
"Oh. Oh!!! Oh NO who did I send it to, then?"
"Not me."
"As long as I haven't sent it to that jerk..."
"Because my inbox has lots of space and I haven't got any messages from you so.."
"I definitely sent it to you. Definitely sent it to somebody. Yes. I did."
"I haven't got it."
"Yeah you know what just keep saying it because that's really helping."
"It's okay. Get some sleep."
"I can't! I have to leave at 3:30!!"
"Yeah so get some sleep na!"
"No. I have to pack. I have to finish the project for this NGO. And you know what?"
"I now have a 2 years' visa for Singapore and 5 years' visa for UK and 3 years' visa for US and Dubai ka to itna hai ki I can stay there.... man this is like collecting stamps!!!"
"And yet, you're going to Cambodia. Are you really into temples?"
"You mean that Uncle thingy?"
"Angkor Wat. Gawd! It's on their flag!!"
"Whatever. Achchha I had a question."
"When these guys talk into the microphone for testing, why do they always go 'Hello Hello Mic testing.. 1,2,3..?' "
"I mean why is there no variety?"
"Hmm. Why do the models always wear that stoic look when they come out on the ramp in those dresses?"
"Oh like that!"


  1. Life is simple. It's just not easy - Author Unknown

  2. It's a 10 year US visa and was a 6 month UK visa which has expired.