Thursday, May 20, 2010

Half Light, Full Throttle

Zee Studio keeps airing Half Light nowadays. But the point is, why do I keep watching it? Let’s see…

  1. Demi Moore: The long haired, wide eyed indigenous Greek with lips parted seductively and in eternal creepiness as you get a déjà vu of her just having seen a ghost. (Remember “Ghost” in which she didn’t actually see Patrick Swayze’s ghost till right at the end but looked spooked out all along nevertheless?)
  2. Rachel: That’s what Moore’s character is called in the movie. Thanks to Jennifer Aniston’s spoilt, rich, fashion loving “Rachel Green” from the sitcom “Friends”, the gossipy neighbour Mrs. Rachel Lynde from “Anne of Green Gables” and of course, the milky white, satin and fur feline, my university classmate’s pet cat, Rachel. The cat had a daughter too. But she wasn’t named Emma like I thought she would be. (I should probably digress even more and tell her what she was named. “Toffee”.)
  3. Scotland: The backdrop of the movie. Conversations are full of Gaelic mutterings I can neither comprehend nor pronounce and bagpipes and misty moors and eerie lighthouses and haunting background scores. The fascination with the kilted clan continues! I guess it’s the kind of sensuality that sneaks up on you and sits on your chest till you wheeze and choke, think forcibly of some long lost kith and kin, blame it on nostalgia and shed nebulous tears.
  4. Angus: The name of the dead guy in the movie that Demi Moore gets to make out with. He’s the hero and the villain and everything in between. Deserves special mention because of his name. There was an Angus in the Scottish fantasy movie “The Water Horse”, definitely one in “Whisky Galore!” and I can safely bet that one of the guys in “Braveheart” was called Angus as well. Note: Angus might therefore be to Scotland what Carlos is to Italy. Or what Ganguly is to a Bengalee or “Raj” or “Rahul” to Bollywood.

You know what’s incredible, though? All this time that I’ve been writing this, I’ve been trying really hard to focus on Demi and not think of Ashton Kutcher. Couldn’t do it!

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