Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Don't Know WHY I Talk To You

Goat: Guess what! The teachers at Mom’s school were making creative symbols of their zodiac signs and Mom made this really cool Archer.
Archer: Oh yeah we share that!
Goat: Yeah.
Archer: You know what... the world doesn’t understand Sagittarians.
Goat: Hmm. You guys are like that guy in the Sprite ad... Sprite. Clear hai. Bujhaaye Only Pyaas. Baaki Sab Bakwaas. Is that what you were gonna say?
Archer: Yeah and also, we are the only ones with a weapon. We had to be. In this cruel, slimy, twisted world that...
Goat: Uh..
Archer: What? You don’t believe me?
Goat: Well an Aries is a ram. That’s horns. A Taurean is a bull. Horns again. A Gemini is split into the twins. Can be deceptive and is intelligent. The famous imagination. Cancer is a crab with claws. Leo is the lion. Fangs and claws. The roar suffices for the weak at heart. Virgo has a sharp wit. A keen, analytical mind. Libra, well, intelligence and diplomacy. The Scorpio can sting. Capricorns are mountain goats or sea goats or sometimes just scapegoats but generally have horns and hooves. Aquarians are either mad or genius or both. Pisces.. the fish.. can bite and in any case is charming and hence, disarming. So how are you the only one?
Archer: Go... and check the dictionary for what a weapon means.
Goat: Oh. Okay. An external source of protection. Not part of the package. That’s what you meant?
Archer: Of course. Why else would I say it?

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