Sunday, May 9, 2010

Someplace Else

Saw her on the way to my aunt’s place in Chandannagar. She dazzled unexpectedly, like the midnight sun. We were horribly late and probably lost as well when there she was, turning up the heat.

Yesterday, I saw Dimple Kapadia in that same shade of hollering yellow in the movie Phir Kabhi, (at the India Habitat Centre). She could almost pass for the bride. I associate yellow with another aunt of mine. And with uplifting Sagittarians drifting by on lazy Sunday afternoons much like today. Like balloons. And Jaundice that gives you 3 months away from school. But those were yellow blues. And then there were those felt pens with smudged nibs that leave stubborn stains on newly whitewashed walls. Doesn’t Coldplay’s “Yellow” sound too mellow for a bright colour like that? Funny how such a lilting melody can be inspired by the Yellow Pages. But then, that's what.

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