Friday, June 3, 2011


Ten years of Potter are about to come to an end.
Some are old faithfuls, like the trio playing Harry, Ron and Hermione, of course. Some, like Robert Pattinson have moved on to.. er.. shinier prospects.
Over the past couple of weeks, the phenomenon of Potterphiles lashing out at Cullen's clan ("Toilet", Ed"Weird" and "Squid"ward being just a few examples) has seen a crescendo of emotions and true to hollywood background scores inside my head. Initially, I laughed at every poster that admonished Rob Pattz and his vampire state of mind.
With time, however, I have begun to see the franchise as a series for breathless adolescents and sleepless fanged people.
On the verge of turning indifferent, I decided to finally acknowledge it's presence in my life and treat it as a much-disliked but hard to miss chapter in my syllabus. (And yes, I still teach in a school).
And this is what I would like to observe about shiny things in general, with some help from "How I Met Your Mother":
The more I connect with people, the more they seem to shine. The more polished they seem to be. Squeaky clean. And I see myself reflected in them.
I am more of a matte finish girl.
Fish and women get attracted to shiny things, says Barney Stinson. I don't know about fish but I think I do because anything that's shiny is attractive because of the image of myself in it. Who doesn't love to look at themselves, right?
As for Edward Cullen (aforementioned vampire), he shines like an engagement ring in sunlight. Not that he wants to. For the record, Edward also dislikes Jacob Black's perennial public display of brawn and is known to have reacted, poker-face, "Doesn't he own a shirt?"

P.S.: Jacob is also shiny, but probably that's just sweat. Sorry, not important.