Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Wednesday

Pain beyond pain that rips me apart.
Waking from a nightmare. The same missed calls.
Honey I’m home. I’m hungry. I’m hurt.
Hot swigs of warmth. Flush out the angst.
Listen to me. Please. Don’t tell me what you did.

At ease, soldier! You’re a statue. Don’t smile.
Let go of your keyboard. Look at me. Don’t lie.
I prefer David Lean to a seminar on the brain.
I found the book on weight loss. It must be online.
I nibbled at the mutton. On a diet in Eatopia.

A lady who resembled a turtle from the Galapagos islands.
Like Grandma’s cookies. Gone or will be, soon.

Hurry back. Miss the door. Smile. Don’t be laughed at.
Grab a seat. Put your mobile on silent.
Did I watch this before? Watch out for that scene!
What if you hadn’t? Can you sit through? Discover?
It’s black and white. Eccentric. The same old emotions.

And yet, it sets you free. You smell in the cold.
The misty moors of England. Corridors and classrooms in Lucknow.
Blazers and ties. Pleats and plaits. Ties and woollens.
Smell in the fog. Lean back. Lean forward.
Survive the future. Smile at predictions.

Your muse. Losing your mind. Trapped in a bottle.
Sing a soprano and break through the glass.
You’re not a genie.
Bare shoulders are beautiful. And stranger than fiction.
I don’t want to pretend.

Don’t believe in fairy tales. Go make one on your own.

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  1. shots am i glad that you are my batch mate? if i had one of these for analyses in MA i would have flunked all in all. man this is worse than in the cover of darkness. if you understand what i mean. girl try going in for self analyses , its supposed to be therapeutic !!!