Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Water on the Moon! Water on the Moon!

NASA has discovered water on the moon. You know why that doesn’t affect me?

Because I don’t work for Palmer’s. Nor for Biotique. I am talking Cocoa Butter here. The most effective prevention and cure for stretch marks. At least touted to be. See, the high tide theory is already in place, right? We know that we feel emotional and behave impulsively on full moon nights because the moon pulls all water bodies here on earth and also attracts the water inside us. Which is why you have werewolves like Professor Remus Lupin (the Harry Potter series) and MJ (the landmark Thriller video and legendary “Moonwalker”) and Rahul Roys who turn into tigers on Poonam ki raat on the sets of Junoon. The animal instinct. And you do know that drinking lots of water is advised for people on diet and people who are pregnant and well, people in general, because it’s the best natural moisturiser. So on full moon nights with all the water being flirted with, the skin runs dry and the fissures run deep, not unlike the craters on the moon. So, basically, now that water has been discovered on the moon, it won’t pull you anymore. And you won’t need to spend seven hundred bucks on Palmer’s cocoa butter massage lotion for stretch marks or even a hundred bucks on Biotique’s cocoa butter. And with the emotions in check, you won’t go mad or “lunatic” (yes, the word does have the same roots as “lunar”. This is ancient wisdom.)

Oh no. It does affect me. I am a Psychologist. :(

P.S: Cancerians (born between June 22nd and July 23rd) are said to be governed by the Moon. What happens to them?

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