Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adding Value

It bothers me when I hear a crow at 2:15am.
I want to clean the greyish flowers bowing out of the vase.
Mop them clean and paint them white.
I want to take a deep breath and not hear myself wheeze.

I want my room to have a theme.
The books should find a reader.
The sofa shouldn’t creak. I’ve been quiet throughout the day.
I want to re-write all the prayers and see in God a friend.

I could watch TV all day.
Fill up my head with voices and beings.
I want to train my biceps.
I want to live in a pocket.

I don’t know if the guard is awake.
I don’t know if he brought his woollens.
My curtains are dirty. I keep them drawn.
My photos of childhood are yellow and blue.

I like my tea black, put ginger in it.
The lemon is so silent. The honey is so sweet.
Papaya in sickness. Papaya in health.
Have I earned my Bournville yet?

1 comment:

  1. Bournville is nice, Bournville is suave.
    But are you sure you want to have Bournville? Because once you have it, it takes up control, it occupies your mind. In most cases it causes pain...

    But you should still taste it! :)