Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did I Hide Too Well?

The Nokia Xpressmusic Mobile Handset jars my senses. I am blocking friends on Facebook. I'm too scared to close my eyes. Feelings lurk behind the paintings in art galleries. They don't speak to me any more. I have been pretending that I have Writer's Block. Everytime my mobile stirs, I hold my breath. I don't want to walk. I don't want to climb. I don't want to shout. I can barely speak.
I don't want to go to a gym anymore. I got my hair straightened. I can cook you a meal. My hands are soft again.
I'm a girl. I'm a girl. I'm a girl.
I can learn.
I can try.
You can teach me.
I'll watch you play. I just asked the score. That's all.
I'll hold on. I'll work on the brakes. I'll smile, not just inside. I promise to bleed when you cut me. I lent you my silence. Please don't give it back.
We're neighbours. In my mind.
I'm sorry I closed the door.
I'm sorry.
We were like Mark and Callie, remember?

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