Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bum Buttery Flit Fluttery

Seriously. I mean there's apparently something known as "The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain." I don't think the ukulele is a British instrument. Or maybe the name isn't British but the instrument is masquerading in Britain as something else.
Anyway, it's not bad when you play Greek stuff on it.
Youtube throws up a track called "Misirlou" when you run a search. Apparently it's good for a Jewish wedding as well as for belly dancing.
(Although I think my ears are hot mainly because of the untimely white rum. French Toast in white rum. Not a bad prescription when the mercury jammed at 3.7 and dipped no further. Uncomfortably, uncomfortably numb.)
You know I finally figured out why I don't like getting photographed.
I'd much rather be a bird in the "loverly spring" and fly away. Not a parachute that has to float down.
A photograph doesn't let you travel. Or scratch your itch.

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