Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Keeps Me Running

Was it that strand of hair falling out of place and onto my face?
Tell me was it, was it now, that lump of sugar in my cup of coffee,
Did you.. oh did you turn the page when I stumbled and fell,
Tell me if you didn’t see us shining together on the back of that spoon.

So how did you free yourself from all the things that smell of forever,
How did it feel when you lied to yourself and rose so high,
How did it feel when you left the scene, the book, the movie,
What was the song that you hummed along?

And were you a victim now of the spider that had spun the web,
Did you dance on the ceiling, what were you feeling when the clock struck you down,
Did you call out now and did you shout my name when I lost my way,
Did you call me up, page me, rage me, stage me in hell?

And I ran all the way to my centre of gravity,
I sank into the shadows of the oh so tomorrow,
I saw your sepia sins in sweet slow motion, carrying me forward,
I closed my eyes and listened to the beat of my heart.

You give me hunger and my eyes watch you fade,
I keep on running, crossing the valley where I left you behind,
And I’m sorry but I just don’t trust the echoes I hear.
I fear the heights that pull me down to you.

And I am so far away from that stone temple of silent peace,
I am still waiting for my socks to give up on me and slide,
I don’t wanna find you in the curls of the holy smoke,
I don't wanna hear you rushing through my veins and bleed.


  1. It is dark....some of the lines are lovely....some seem a little out of place.Altogether...commendable!

  2. nice one ,a black coffee with cigar

    i always thought u r good , now i have proof