Wednesday, July 1, 2009


You could be the cry of a baby when the dawn breaks my dreams,
You could be the sound of the ocean inside the shell around me,
You could be the love that made me bitter and took you home,
But you wouldn’t choose to be the man in the mirror.

You could be the grass that died beneath her feet and yet,
Grew so green on the other side of love.
You could be the man with the few words I always used to describe you,
And yet you could never be the man who spoke to me.

You could be the voice that revolved around my universe and lost me,
And come and claim me when the darkness falls,
And then you take my hand and leave me flying without your love,
And I wouldn’t fall because this dream was mine.

You could be the leaf that fell from my nest above,
You could turn to dust and make a season when I cry,
You could touch the clouds and make the thunder claim my soul,
But I never was here for you to leave and go away.

You could be the reason I looked at me in the midday sun,
You could blind me with your lies and still make me smile.
You could taste the madness that makes you fall asleep inside her,
And never, never ask why I help you go mad.

And I want you to fall from the heavens,
And I want you to hurt me when you fall,
And I want you to make me come alive,
And I want you to burn inside my all.

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