Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Slowly sinking, wasting...crumbling like pastries"

You can't slap a tear and turn it into a smile.
That eagle that casts a shadow on that tree that looks like a can of worms.. it doesn't mean a thing.
There's no one to go back to.
No friends.
No family.
You can't erase that from reality, anyway. That you went back in order to be with them.
They used to have those sums in Maths back in school.. a bus/car/bicycle would travel far and wide and come back to the same point in some hypothetical joke which would light up those braces and the teething youth hiding behind them.
Displacement = 0.
That's not gonna happen if you can help it now, would it?
I used to sit like that.
My face in my palms. My eyes out of focus.
Blinking always helped.
Each time my eyes closed, it felt like the end of a tunnel.
The kohl helps. It doesn't let the tears roll over and take the leap.
Dilli Haat. That day when I just sat on the round whats-its-name beneath the tree and stunned myself.

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