Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Too Young For This Shit

Ted Mosby (of How I Met Your Mother) seems to believe in a list of all the stuff he thinks he's too old for. On the show, he and his friends call it The Murtaugh List, after the role Danny Glover played in the Lethal Weapon series.
Well I'm gonna go with stuff I don't understand. Transcending categories of "couldn't", "wouldn't" and "shouldn't", I'm just gonna settle for "don't".
Yes, I don't think I can understand this stuff.

1. Words like Forever and Never.
2. Definitions - like "friend", "relative", "love", "happiness", "success" etc.
3. "Time". Beat it nerd. Go watch someone else bat their eyelids.
4. People who say they "found" themselves. If they WERE hiding till now, what's to say they won't fall back again?
5. The use of Comparatives and Superlatives. I don't think they'll ever come up with something like "Superlative Psychology". What's that again? "I'm the best and f*** the rest"? You're really gonna go with that?
6. Answering "why?" satisfactorily. Can't be done. Trust me.
7. Trust.
8. Me.

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