Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am a conduit. I am here. No strings attached. No glue. Sometimes, no clue. No motivation. No trigger. No past. No future. The present. Now.
Burps. Blips. A pulse. Blinks. Winks. Smiles. Hiccups. Potholes. Portals. Tiffin time. Toilet breaks. Tea time. The soup. A walk around the brewery. A single drop of rain. Stray.
A lapse of memory. A new species. A new colour. Lipstick. Paint. Geometry. Toothpaste. A bean bag. A mosquito bite. A wish upon an eyelash. A blank call. A wrong number. Surfing channels. A whistle. Moment of truth. The clink of glasses. Speed of thought. A clap. A cheer. A snort. A jeer. No meaning. A glimpse. A word. A letter. An sms. A missed call. A whack. A slap. You fire. You hire. You love. You hate. You drink. You remember. You drink. You forget. Breathe in. Breathe out. Break out. Break up. Twists. Turns. Whisper. Shout. Jump. Fall. Fall and break. Break like a mirror. Look into the pieces. Pick them up. Drops of blood. Sharp shooting pain. Bursts of life. Look into the pieces. Look at you. And you. And you.

A movie is an illusion. And so is life. Seconds existed. Seconds exist. And seconds pass us by. How we string them together – that’s our story. It’s all about creativity. It’s like trying to decide the perfect line on a perfect plane. It’s just not possible. The dots. The points. Those are real. Everything else is just what we make of it.

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